Parents at home: tips for employers

Many employees have endured and enjoyed an extended stint working from home. For parents and guardians, this has coincided with school closures and home-schooling. This is a complex juggling act, putting strains on both family and professional lives.

Being a sympathetic, understanding employer goes some way to supporting staff – here is CIPD's top level advice and an insight into how two companies have navigated these tricky waters.


Coronavirus: How to manage workforce costs to avoid redundancy

Many people are worrying about losing jobs and how sick pay and benefits will work during the coronavirus outbreak. COVID-19 is posing unanswered questions around how long disruption will last so organisations must plan for weeks of more uncertainty.

This video offers some key advice on best practice for employers in these unprecedented times.


How should HR respond to COVID-19?

The coronavirus outbreak is an exceptional event posing a threat to worker health and safety and a risk to business operations.  As a new virus, it’s unclear how long the threat will last so organisations must plan for weeks and possibly months of disruption. 

Here is some advice for employers and people professionals on best practice, implementing flexible working and helping to ensure your employees's well-being.


How to work from home effectively

The coronavirus outbreak is an exceptional event posing a threat to worker health and safety and a risk to business operations. Many organisations have already adopted agile and flexible working practices to minimise disruption to business and support efforts to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

Here are some top tips on how to work from effectively.


D&I workshop - supporting people to thrive at work

The CIPD and Westminster Business School brought together D&I practitioners from different organisations for a series of workshops, to identify the key issues in diversity, to test the scientific evidence in this area, and to co-create practical solutions to better embed diversity in the workplace.


Good Work TV - National Inclusion Week

Good Work TV talks to attendees of Inclusive Employers' National Inclusion Week - including ITN, South Western Railway and CPS – and to McDonald's HR Manager Meeta Zakharia about the organisation's commitment to promoting and supporting diversity in the workplace.



What is Good Work?

CIPD Chief Executive, Peter Cheese, discusses the launch of Good Work TV. Work can and should be a force for good, but what are the factors that contribute to this? What makes work good for workers, good for organisations and good for society? What part can we each play?

Good Work TV is a content channel that aims to prompt discussion and ideas on what good work is and how we can make it happen. We bring together a broad range of perspectives and experiences from thought leaders, people practitioners, as well as individuals working in different roles across all different sectors — shining a light on inspirational stories and initiatives that are transforming working lives and helping to make good work a reality.